2011 Summer Blockbusters

Check out our four cents on 2011’s summer blockbusters.  Plus, you can check out our full review for each film (just click on the movie titles), and our summer wrap up (…Roll Credits).

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 

  • Stephanie: Proof that it is possible to have a big flashy movie with heart.  Caesar will break your heart and inspire you.
  • Zer: I can’t say it enough, this is a beautiful movie. Good story, gorgeous CGI.  It surpassed all expectations, and features another great performance by Andy Serkis.  It’s not surprising this one is already generating Oscar buzz.

The Help 

  • Stephanie:  Like I said, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll expect more from yourself and others…not to mention some excellent performances from some lovely ladies.
  • Zer: Good story with a good message, and awesome acting.  This movie provides further proof that Emma Stone is more than on her way to becoming a bona-fide Hollywood leading lady.

Cowboys and Aliens

  • Stephanie: This movie is the absurd done straight with just enough of a sense of humor and entertaining performances from a diverse cast.  There may be a few too many and’s in the plot, but you’ll probably forgive them.  Did I mention: it’s cowboys and aliens.
  • Zer:  A straight-laced Western, with a good cast, touch of humor and an entertaining story.  Oh, and there are aliens too.  All in all, a fun summer flick.

Captain America: The First Avenger 

  • Stephanie: A comic book tale with a good story and style.  Add a historical backdrop for depth and you have a satisfying (and heartbreaking) final chapter leading up to next summer’s Avengers.
  • Zer: Provides a strong finish for the summer’s comic book flicks.  A compelling story and impressive cast make this film strong on its own, and the perfect lead in to the highly anticipated “The Avengers.”  Plus, it answers the burning question: How does the superhero from the 1940s team up with the rest of the Avengers gang?  Sorry, not telling.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

  • Stephanie: As good an ending as fans could hope for (and then some) that let’s its stellar story and cast shine.  I laughed, I cried, I hoped it wouldn’t end.
  • Zer:  All good things must end, and this conclusion to the Potter series was done well and, as always, with respect for the fans of the books.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • Stephanie: Quintessential blockbuster—fun, with explosions; just a few holes…Mr. Bay, where are Brains and Wheelie?
  • Zer:  So sad to see another third trilogy film fall victim to the trilogy curse. There’s just a little too much going on in this film. However, if you love the first two you’ll probably like this one. …and ditto on the missing Decepticons.

Cars 2

  • Stephanie: Cute, fun; missed the nostalgia, loved the change of scenery.
  • Zer:  Not my favorite from Pixar.  While Mater is a lovable enough lead in the film, they veered away from what made the first film work—nostalgia and Americana.

Green Lantern

  • Stephanie:  ∞ Thumbs Down
  • Zer:  I feel that I have exhausted my word limit for this one.  Wait…if you’re a fan of films with gaping holes in their narrative structure, you will love this film.  Okay, now I’m definitely finished.

Super 8

  • Stephanie:  Well done children, well done.
  • Zer:  Goonies-esque group of kids making a zombie movie amidst a government alien conspiracy, how could you go wrong?  Just a fun summer movie.

X-Men: First Class

  • Stephanie:  Love this cast, love this movie…could live without Ms. J. Jones
  • Zer:  Another great addition to the X-Men film franchise.  Great new, young cast.  Feels fresh and new while still keeping with feel of original trilogy.  Hoping more films will follow.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

  • Stephanie:  ♥ Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush.  This movie? Meh.
  • Zer:  Johnny Depp will always be awesome as Captain Jack, but this movie took the franchise a bit off course.  And who knew we’d miss Orlando and Keira so much?


  • Stephanie: Strong cast; strong start to the series.
  • Zer:  Good, clean and simple story telling on a grand scale, but never goes over the top.  Great cast, looking forward to seeing more of this series.

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  1. shil says:

    That’s a nice review. You guys ought to get Freshly Pressed. I wish there was some way to vote.


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