…Just Say the Word

Hiding in the margins of “Shazam!” is a different story. It follows a pretty standard comic book narrative–unlikely hero is gifted with superhuman powers–but take a closer look at the periphery and you’ll see that this story has a little more to offer. It starts with the origin story, as any decent superhero story should….

…reel it in

This #SundayFunday brings about the end of another Comic-Con and the super fans of the world now face more trailers, breaking news, and inside looks than anyone could possibly know what to do with. The good news is, we now have plenty of time to soak all the goodness in, in the five minutes before…

…lead the big parade

This week, NBC reclaimed their title as the live-musical network, by announcing their plans for 2015’s live musical. Right on the heels of Fox’s “Grease” announcement, NBC has come back with an announcement of their own: “The Music Man” will be their next, next live musical production.