…Get Your Head In The Game

Tonight, the World Series kicks off. The Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Boston Red Sox in what will hopefully be an exciting series.  Both teams will fight hard, their fans will cheer them on, and in the end, only one will win. Elsewhere a different kind of battle (with higher stakes) is raging on…

…Root, Root, Root

As the end of October comes into view so too does the beginning of the 2018 World Series. This year sees the Boston Red Sox take on the LA Dodgers in a battle of the coasts. It may seem like just another opportunity to pick a side, but I would argue that it has the…

…play hardball

Well baseball fans, the day has come. We’ve witnessed the end of an era that seemed to be all but a permanent fixture of the great American pastime…


Happy Halloween! It’s a bit of a dreary one for Cardinal Nation. Not that we’re not trying to be upbeat and gracious losers. We’ve all made our, “Well Boston earned it,” comments.


Unlike the last time the Cardinals and Red Sox met at the World Series, this series has been an interesting two-sided battle that’s featured a few highly discussed calls. One in particular occurred during the finale of Game 3.

…go crazy folks

Today the Cardinals make their way home for Game 3 of the World Series. Now that each team has been victorious, it’s fair to assume that the fans have established their superstitions for the series.