…Spring Eternal

IT’S SPRING!!! In case the all-caps and excessive use of exclamation points didn’t effectively convey my emotions, I’m REALLY excited. It’s not that I don’t love you, winter. It’s just that I’m still thawing out from the week of sub-zero temps. I’m good on the cold and snow for a while. Speaking of snow, it’s…

…Feel Better

I hope you all enjoyed being Irish over the weekend because odds are you’re paying the price today. Whose idea was it to have a holiday that involves drinking outdoors at the tail end of winter and the flu season? Seriously, who was it?!?

…Give a Little

Welcome to daylight saving time. Today we may lose an hour but we gain a wealth of sass and snark from those struggling with the time change. A few will grumble as they reprogram their microwave, oven, and coffee makers. Some will channel their rage at Benjamin Franklin (as they should). Others will pull out…


Happy Mardi Gras! Or as they say in New Orleans, “laissez les bon temps rouler!” Whether today is your last day of revelry before the lenten season or just an excuse to stock up on beads (and party on a Tuesday), I hope everyone takes a moment to observe the holiday.

…Rush In

Welcome to the first Monday of March. To those of you enjoying March’s lion-like charm, stay safe and warm. To those with lamb-like weather, this isn’t about you. On days like this, with spring just barely out of reach, we could all use some extra layers and a little extra motivation.

…Let the Storm Rage On

Dear Winter, Some days it’s hard to believe you’ve already been here a month and others it’s like you’ve been here forever. Today is a forever day. It’s not that I mind putting on four pairs of socks, three pairs of pants, two coats, and wrapping a blanket-sized scarf around my face to go outside,…