Tonight the top political correspondents, news casters, a mix of celebrities, and politicians will gather together in our nation’s capital for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Also known as the one night of the year when lawmakers and their critics gather to publicly poke fun at each other under the guise of comedy.

…pick it up

Regular readers will recall that back in January my hand was forced, as I begrudgingly shared my 2 cents on the topic of a petition to deport Justin Bieber.


This past week, the Boston Red Sox were invited to the White House to celebrate their World Series Championship. A seemingly harmless event (unless you’re a recovering Cardinals fan…I’m fine, really), on the surface, until the, now infamous, “Big Papi” and Obama selfie happened.


It’s a good week for political social media addicts. The White House has joined yet another social media platform—Instagram.

…Shut the Door

Today marks the first day of the shuttering of America’s Buckingham Palace— the White House. The First Family isn’t being kicked to the curb, but the rest of the country is being locked out. As part of the recent budget cuts, yesterday saw the last public guided tour of the White House. This cutback is…


The truth is out there… The X-Files Sometimes it’s just not what you want to hear, or  is that just what “they” want you to believe? Extraterrestrial enthusiasts and paranoid conspiracy theorists (and non-paranoid ones too I assume) suffered a mighty blow this week. After lots of begging, insisting, and petition signing (at the “We…