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…chill out

Crusaders, I have a bone to pick with the weather.

After a week of frigid temperatures, a lot of the country is staring down three days of 50-degree days, and I for one do not trust it. Not just because I’ve just fully regained sensation in my face…

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…Stay Strong

As you are no doubt aware, this past weekend saw the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. There’s been a lot of political noise surrounding this natural disaster, but hidden amidst the political tempest there are real people whose lives have been impacted. Read the rest of this entry


Happy first day of spring! Today marks the vernal equinox here in the northern hemisphere. More importantly, for those of us still recovering from last week’s snow, it suggests that winter might be ending sometime soon. Read the rest of this entry

…warm to the idea

FirstHappy First Day of Spring! I know, as many of us are looking at more than a few snowflakes in our ten-day forecasts, it’s hard to believe, but technically, it’s spring. Read the rest of this entry

…Manage Expectations

groundhogHappy Groundhog Day!

This year’s rodent-inspired forecast is already in, and it’s official, we’re having an early spring! Read the rest of this entry