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Happy National Walk to Work Day! Odds are you’ve already made it to work at this point and/or your commute is far too long to even consider walking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

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…and she can walk at the same time…

Who doesn’t love bubblegum? Seriously. It’s sticky, it’s chewy, it’s usually pink. What’s not to like?

I’m sure we all have fond memories of bubble blowing contests and giant bubble achievements gone horribly wrong (in high school civics class)…or do we? A recent study has found that chewing gum can impair your memory.

The disruption isn’t permanent, but while you’re chewing gum your short-term memory may take a dive towards the goldfish end of the memory pool.

The bright side? You now have a new excuse for memory slips. “Sorry I forgot to grab that thing, but I was chewing gum and you know how my mind wanders when I’m chewing gum.” For heaven’s sake stay away from doorways when you’re munching on your Dubble Bubble. We
all know what those can do to a train of thought.

Makes the proverbial ability to walk and chew gum at the same time, seem more impressive doesn’t it?

“Weird Memory Drain: Chewing Gum”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…

…pound the pavement

Hint: They're made for walking...

Pay close attention because I’m only going to say this once.  Cyclists have it rough sometimes.  Hope you caught it because I won’t be repeating it.

Yes, they’re a menace for every runner, but at the end of the day they have to deal with cars, as do runners you demons on unmotorized wheels…but I digress.

Any modern pedestrian can tell you that the sidewalk can be a dangerous place as well.

But usually we have to deal with mixed signals, alternating side choices, strollers, and the ever-present smart phone blocking awareness, it can get ugly really fast.

Of course the battle of transportation modes is  a struggle dating back to the beginning of mankind.  Normally this would be a hyperbolic statement, but seriously.

From foot travel to horses, horses to carriages, carriages to streetcars, streetcars to motorcars, and motorcars to outrageously over-sized vehicles, and still we haven’t learned to look out for the less speedy (and/or armored-car) among us.

I suppose all we can do is look both ways and hope no car doors open in front of us and cyclists remember-you are the cars of the running path.

Check out the history of the battle for the street and the sidewalk in the article below…it’s awesome.


“The Pedestrian Loses the Way”: New York Times READ THIS

…bi-daily smile…

…Find A New Way

Walking Shoes: the perfect accessory for any smartphone.

Walking—we know it’s good for us.

Not only is it good exercise, but it can also help us reduce our carbon footprint by getting us from point A to point B.

Yet, so often many of us neglect this simple form of transportation.

Perhaps it’s a lack of motivation, drive or incentive.

Well, you can say goodbye to those excuses. Like every other aspect of our modern world, there will soon be an app for that.

In an attempt to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, Londoners who walk (or bike) around town with their smartphone will soon be reaping some extra rewards.

Using a new app that logs their distance traveled and rewards them accordingly; the technologically savvy and physically active citizens of London can earn points redeemable at shops and restaurants.

It’s the perfect exercise program, combining the human need for physical activity with the human desire to get free stuff.

If this trend catches on, there could be a future of trimmer waistlines and heavier wallets (depending on how often the restaurant rewards are cashed in).

Now if we can just figure out a way to reward people for proper smartphone etiquette, we’d have a nearly perfect society.

 More on the Story: MSNBC

…just for fun:

…Walk It Off

The robots are officially coming after us.

Last week, Ranger (a robot) set a record for the longest distance walked without needing to recharge or have anyone hold its hand.  It went 40.5 miles in about 30 hours and 49 minutes.

Those responsible for Ranger, a group from Cornell University, are hoping to use robotics to explain how people walk in terms of Newton’s laws.

So, instead of studying people they decided to teach the technology to walk, on its own.  Great plan.

Sure, at this point the zombie army will probably be able to catch up with their grueling pace of just over a 45 minute mile. 

But once they gang up with the laptops, iPads and smart phones we are in some trouble.

The bright side?  Those researchers will have a great opportunity to observe how human’s run.


More on the Story: Robot Walks Over 40 Miles

…just for fun: