…stick with it

Today across the country, many of us are faced with another reminder of the importance of civic responsibility. Translation: It’s Election Day.

…Wise Up

Welcome to the end of daylight saving time, US. Today we get back that hour we lost in March and rejoin the same time as, well the rest of the galaxy. With this turning back of the clocks comes the annual problem of what to do with that extra hour. Most of us will probably…


Hey there, fellow crusaders and active participants in the great experiment that is our democracy. It’s Saturday, the day where you get things done, so why not check some things off your voting to-do list. Don’t have one of those? No worries, you’ve come to the right place…

…Go Vote

Happy Election Day! Yes, we’ve made it through what will likely go down in history as one of the roughest presidential campaigns in US history. Which is a shame, because it should go down in history as the first US election when a woman ran for the office of president for one of our two…

…Cast Away

This is not a drill. It’s T-minus 4 days until election day. Which means it’s time to suck it up and vote. Whether you’re voting early, absentee, or braving the election day lines, these are you final moments to make your decision and cast your ballot.


Okay everyone, I’d like to take a moment to take one big collective breath. Seriously, fill those lungs and then slowly exhale. Better? Probably not, but let’s move on anyway. Last night’s “debate,” was rough.