…Make a Livin’

Happy Labor Day! It may be a day off for some, but as you probably know too well, the hustle never ends. With that in mind, today’s Monday Motivation is you, my busy bees. Yes, you.


Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I’d like to say thank you. Specifically to the TSA workers who got me through security in record time this morning. In case you’ve forgotten our government has been in a partial shutdown for over three weeks. That partial shutdown means that many government employees are…


Happy Memorial Day weekend! I know you have lots to get to (or not get to) this three-day weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. Weekends like this are about taking a break, enjoying some free time, and appreciating the people in your life. Be sure to keep that in mind as you run from barbecue…


It may only be Tuesday, but many of us already have the holiday weekend on the brain (guilty). With that anticipation comes a healthy dose of wanderlust.

…Kick Back

You’ve officially made it through Memorial Day weekend, and whether you like it or not, vacation season is officially here. I know, you just took a three-day weekend (if you’re lucky), isn’t that enough?

…move along

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Congratulations you’ve made it to the unofficial start of summer! Odds are (if the stats are to be believed) you’re probably spending Day One of your three-day weekend in the car, and if traffic reports are to be believed you’re probably going to be there a while. Don’t worry, I’ve…