…Risk It All

Please pardon this brief interruption to your Memorial Day. I just wanted to take a moment to send out a reminder of what today is about. (Hint: It’s not barbecues and an extended weekend) Although it may not feel like it at times, we enjoy freedoms here in the U.S. that are unfathomable in other…


Happy Flag Day! Every June the 14th, we celebrate the day in 1777 when the flag we know and love was adopted by the Second Continental Congress.

…Grin and Bear It

This Tuesday will mark the two-week anniversary of the current government shutdown. Mazel tov… As the stalemate stretches on, closer and closer to the debt ceiling deadline, our patience is wearing thin. Many Americans are dumbfounded that our elected representatives can’t pull it together. We’re tearing our hair out as the political theater continues to…

…get your fix

Well it’s Day 12 of the shutdown and the good news is we are only 9 days from  setting a new record. The bad news is, that’s the good news. But not to worry, Starbucks is on it. Oh yes, Starbucks has decided to step up and put together a petition to end the government shutdown.