…Be Practical

Happy Tuesday! For those of you wondering what happened to Monday, it was canceled.

…Be Present

Welcome, my friends, to a Saturday rhyme, I thank you sincerely for taking the time. My next request might seem a bit silly– Please put down your phone. I mean it, really.


As we approach the end of this short week, I have one #ThursdayThought to share paired with a small request: Please, stop sharing your “unpopular” opinions. Let me clarify: Please, stop pre-labeling your opinions as unpopular on social media. You know what I’m talking about…and if you don’t, click here at your own risk (I…


As we enter the final days of 2017, it’s officially crunch time for your 2018 resolutions. Some will aspire to form new habits, others will kick old ones, and I surmise just about everyone will vow to cut the clutter and get more organized in the coming year, including, it would seem, the Library of Congress….

…stay in character

Today, crusaders, (and part of yesterday) is the end of an era. The age of the 140-character thought is over. Prepare to expand your abbreviations (and perhaps some horizons) 280 characters are here. Go crazy, folks. Truth be told, it’s not as exciting as I once thought it might be. Sure, it’s nice to see some…

…think on it

Today marks day four of Chicago Ideas Week, (TED-like event, for the non-Chicagoan readers), and it has me thinking, crusaders. We live in a world full of more and more opinions, more and more places to share them, and fewer and fewer filters. And I’m not here to say that opinions are bad, as the…