…Say Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow crusaders! Today we give thanks for, well, everything. Here at the 2WC, that means we’re giving thanks for you. Yes, you.

….Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone not from the U.S., happy fourth Thursday of November… I promise I’ll keep this short, because I know there are parades to be watched, turkeys to be taken care of, and other Thursday happenings.

…Help Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving Tuesday! If you’re traveling today, safe travels, and put your phone down. If you’re prepping for hosting, God bless you, and good luck. Everyone else, it’s time to talk about food. Specifically, the food you and others will be consuming this Thursday. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. To make it easy, I’ve…

…Trot It Out

Today is two weeks until Thanksgiving. For those who are blissfully unaware of the prep work that goes into hosting Thanksgiving, we are approaching do-or-die time. Meaning, you better start planning things out or there’s a good chance that turkey will go up in flames. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or this is your first…

…Be the Judge

One of literature’s greatest, and most complex villains will finally see his day in court thanks to a Turkish judge. Thanks to a serious lack of free speech in Turkey, the court is trying to determine if a Turkish citizen was insulting the country’s president by comparing him to┬áTolkien’s Gollum. Which is comical in itself,…


Only two weeks to go until Thanksgiving. Which means if you haven’t started planning and shopping already, it’s time to start. If the tight timeline isn’t enough to inspire you into action, then you should take into consideration this year’s turkey shortage.