…Break Thy Mind

Before I dive into a brief celebration of the Bard’s birthday (Happy B-Day, Shakespeare!), I want to point out that I have not talked about “Game of Thrones” for three full posts. Please, hold your applause. Obviously, that streak ends here (and I will be bringing it up again) but it needed to be noted.

…Take a Breather

It seems fair to say that this week has been a rough one, in the most heartbreaking way. The tragedy of flight MH17 served as a startling reminder of the violence we are capable of inflicting on one another. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this week’s atrocities. Plenty…

…watch what you tweet

Today we remember a day that will live in infamy and one that SpaghettiOs will not soon forget. I’m sorry was that thoughtless? Not as thoughtless as SpaghettiOs tweet remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor…sorry spelled that wrong… #PearlHarbor.

…be happy

In the wake of a tragedy it can sometimes be hard to return to every day life, even when you were not directly impacted. There’s a kind of guilt attached to moving on. You don’t want to forget what happened, but at the same time, life does go on. Seeing as it’s been a rough…

…make it through

You made it! You’re here! Congratulations!  In case you didn’t hear, you’ve narrowly avoided Internet tragedy of apocalyptic proportions. Although given your presence online at this time, rather than cowering somewhere in fetal position praying for the Internet gods to spare you from the wrath of DNSChanger, I assume you were either unaware of the…