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This pint-sized pixie will be helping the UN to promote "green" thinking.

This pint-size pixie will be helping the UN to promote "green" thinking.

Important news out of the United Nations yesterday.  A new “Honorary Ambassador of Green” was announced.  The UN bestowed the honor on Tinker Bell, a controversial choice.

The loudest cries of protestation have come from Tink’s fellow nominee under consideration for the position, Kermit the frog.  Sticking to his claim that Tinker Bell is not even a legal resident of Earth, Kermit has stated over and over,”I just want to see a birth certificate. I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

Tinker Bell has yet to release an official statement responding to these allegations.

 Despite the negative response from some, UN officials are standing by their decision.  “We’re delighted Tinker Bell has agreed to be our Honorary Ambassador of Green,” said Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information.  Tinker Bell’s main duty as “Honorary Ambassador of Green” will be to help promote environmental awareness to children. 

Rendered speechless by the honor, Tinker Bell did not have any comments for the press following the ceremony on Sunday. 

 With this important issue out of the way UN officials will now have their plates clear to focus on other issues.  Rumors have already started to circulate that a certain pants wearing mouse is under consideration for a new secret task force.

Just in case you think I made this up: Tinker Bell named UN “Honorary Ambassador of Green”.

…Seriously, it actually happened: Tinker Bell is UN’s “Honorary Ambassador of Green” (Video)

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