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…give and take

sonja-langford-357-unsplashTomorrow is the start of daylight saving time, which means, the time has come to give back the hour we took last fall.

There was a time when forgetting the start of daylight saving meant running late, but in the age of digital devices, the days of playing the “I forgot to change my clocks” card are long gone. Read the rest of this entry


…get on board

"Hoverboard" by Nicholas Rumas on Flickr

I have some big news: The future is here.

Well, the future that “Back to the Future” fans were expecting. The hoverboard promised to us in “Back to the Future: Part II,” is here, and it is about time. Or should I say, just in time.

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…take the time

melting clockWhile to many time travel is the stuff of  science fiction, there are those out there who’ve dedicated their lives to proving its existence. Still others have decided that Twitter is the key to uncovering time travel. Read the rest of this entry

…be Who of you

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

The Tenth Doctor

Fifty years ago today a Time Lord called the Doctor “borrowed” a TARDIS and set off on an adventure through space and time. The rest is history.

This afternoon at approximately 1:50 (CST) millions around the world will gather to celebrate this wonderful journey and watch the 50th anniversary episode as it’s simulcast in more than 75 countries.  Read the rest of this entry

…be patient this thing working?

The art of waiting never knew a greater enemy than marshmallows.

You may have heard of the study, which tests the patience of children by placing them alone in a room with two marshmallows.

They’re told that if they wait until the adult comes back they can have both.

They’re also given a bell.  If they ring the bell the adult will come back immediately and they can have one marshmallow, but have to give up the second one.

Some  kids were able to wait, some weren’t, and some just skipped the bell all together and ate the marshmallows.

It’s purpose, along with showing the universal appeal of marshmallows, is to determine whether patience is a learned or inherited trait.

But the question is does your personal desire for the marshmallow affect your capacity for patience, or does it all boil down to will power?

Of course the value of this knowledge is unquestionable.  Second only, perhaps, to the value of patience itself.

It’s a desirable trait to be sure.  No one likes to be rushed, and waiting is a part of life.

There are so many practical uses for it.

Like being patient when waiting for a dryer in the laundry room, for example.

It may be difficult to put a price tag on patience, but a second round of drying costs $1.25 and another hour of my life…person who turned my dryer off…you know what you did.

But speaking of marshmallows.

Turns out it has nothing to do with how much you want or don’t want the marshmallows.  Sure some people are just born patient (it’s in the genes).

Don’t worry though, there is hope for the rest of you.  Patience can be learned.

The trick?  Lie to yourself.  To put it in marshmallow terms: pretend the marshmallow isn’t real.

So if you have no imagination and no patience…good luck.

Speaking of waiting and imagination… it here yet?

It’s been a long wait, and now that it’s here no one wants it to end (or be in 3D, but we can’t have everything).

It’s difficult to imagine a world without a new Harry Potter movie every year (or so).

Sure, we still have the books, and the movies (to watch, re-watch, quote, and over-analyze), and the theme park, and Pottermore, and the Quidditch leagues, and the inevitable wizard themed weddings, and crafting the perfect butterbeer will be a nice distraction, and let’s face it there will be a musical; but what will we do with our time?

Maybe we can finally convince the spellchecks of the world that Quidditch and muggles are legitimate words.
Potter fans I have our new mission!


“Dont! the secret of self-control”: The New Yorker

…bi-daily smile…

Imagine…you could wait for the marshmallow twice…or claim that your future self came back and ate it…