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…put in a good word

Today crusaders, we’re faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, we have what would appear to be an unassailable fact — the importance of words has never been clearer. Read the rest of this entry



Shortly before the new year,  Lake Superior State University released their annual list of  “Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.”

An interesting name since the “Queen’s” English hasn’t been widely used in the US for at least a century.

But since 2WC loves a good hopeless cause, it would be a crime to not lend an assist.

The list ranges from the extremely overused to the just obnoxious when used at all.

Topping the list this year is “amazing,”  with “occupy”, “ginormous” and “man cave,” among the highlights.

If your wondering just how you’re going to survive without these staples of the modern-day vernacular, here are some suggestions:

Amazing: See title

Occupy: absorb, amuse, or if you prefer a truly ironic replacement for the “occupy” movement—employ.

Ginormous: prodigious, monumental, or the baby-steps version—very large.

Man Cave:
…I think a lot of us will agree this one can be replaced with silence.

True, these words represent a small portion of a much larger collection. And let’s face it, we should be thankful that they’re used correctly (even if applied too generously) on a somewhat regular basis.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be flabbergasted every now and then?

It would certainly mix things up.

More on the Story:  The Guardian

…just  for fun:

…Obstrigillate the Demise of the English Tongue

As loyal readers know, here at the Crusade we have an aeipathy for the English language.

Many are unaware that each year the language of Shakespeare loses hundreds of words.

This is just inadmissible.  The Crusade refuses to accept that we are prescited to a world limited to only 7,000 words.

As part of our on going mission to obarmate the onslaught of omg’s, lol’s and all other blateration, we are supporting Oxford Dictionary’s “Save the Words.”

The site highlights endangered words in the English language.  In addition to expanding your vocabulary, you can also adopt your own word, and restore it to its rightful celeberrimous status in the English language.

I know it can be easy to  labascate back into the routine of the mundane vernacular, but these poor neglected words are not yet irredivivous.

So don’t give into the desire to be a phlyarologist, stay strong.

…and visit the site. I promise there are at least one or two utible words, and plenty of entertaining sentences to go with them.


Some Vocabulary Words for Today:

  • Starrify (verb): to decorate with stars
  • Ficulnean (noun): worthless information regarding fig-tree wood
  • Ichthyarchy (noun): the domain of fishes
  • Vicambulate (verb): to walk about in the streets

…just for fun: