…keep Christmas well

This What to Watch Wednesday let’s take a moment to step away from the 24/7 Hallmark holiday movie marathon (just for an hour or two, I promise) and step out into the real world for a magical, IRL holiday experience…at your local theater.

…Show Some Love

It’s Love Theatre Day, a day whose purpose is pretty self-explanatory. Odds are, if you’re celebrating it, you probably already love the theater (or theatre if you’re outside the U.S.). So, I’m going to direct my attention to those of you who have yet to find your love for the theater. You probably know some…

…Change for Good

Today a Broadway institution and a show that changed the theater scene for good celebrates its 15th anniversary in prime time with “A Very Wicked Halloween.” Over the past decade and a half, “Wicked” countless lessons. To add a little magical motivation to your Monday, and get you psyched about tonight’s special, here’s a few…

…Wear Pink

Happy Mean Girls Day! As if that weren’t exciting enough, This year it falls on a Wednesday. If that means nothing to you, go watch “Mean Girls” now. As any “Mean Girls” devotee will tell you, honoring October 3rd and wearing pink on Wednesdays just scratches the surface of what this beloved film has to…

…Suddenly Lose Control

Okay “Mamma Mia!” fans, it’s go time. The moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally here…almost. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” hits theaters tonight and tomorrow! I’ll leave the details for tomorrow’s review, but I couldn’t help but let some of the joy spill over into today’s post.