…take a bow

This weekend one of my favorite Saint Louis summer traditions closes out its season, and what a season it was. For those not from St. Louis, let me elaborate. There are certain things that define the summer season in this midwestern town. For some, it’s baseball (which admittedly extends the season into October…usually), for others…

…Suddenly Lose Control

Okay “Mamma Mia!” fans, it’s go time. The moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally here…almost. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” hits theaters tonight and tomorrow! I’ll leave the details for tomorrow’s review, but I couldn’t help but let some of the joy spill over into today’s post.

…Meet in the Middle

This weekend saw a lot of back and forth between people with differing opinions on Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Some thought comedian Michelle Wolf’s words were on the nose. Others thought they were highly inappropriate. Not surprisingly the coverage saw very little middle ground. No matter where your opinion lies, this polarizing response seems…

…Set the Stage

Today is World Theatre Day, which provides the perfect excuse to gush about one of my favorite things. To paraphrase the Bard, all the world’s a stage, but the world on the stage is a lot more fun…and quite often, makes more sense.


Happy Tony Awards eve! Today is all about what’s brand new on Broadway. This year’s nominees for Best Play and Best Musical tell stories that run the gamut. For Best Play there’s a sequel to a 19th century play, a look at the 1993 Middle East peace talks in Oslo, a Pulitzer-winning play about the working class…