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…rise up


It’s here! Tony Sunday!

We’ve been counting it down all week, and now it’s time to make our Tony predictions (or as many are affectionately calling the, the Hamiltonys). Read the rest of this entry

…Play the Host

tn-500_screenshot2016-05-16at7.47.56amHappy Tony Awards Eve!

With just over 24 hours to go until the curtain rises on the 70th Tony Awards, we’re in full theater nerd mode.

On the eve of the festivities, we’re celebrating the man who will be hosting tomorrow’s awards — James Corden. Read the rest of this entry


2WC TheatreAs regular followers of the Crusade know, we’re big fans of all things theater. Which means with the Tony Awards only 5 days away, well it’s practically Christmas in June.

So, because I can’t wait another second for the theater celebration to begin, I’m declaring today Tony Tuesday!

Specifically, today is all the musicals, because who doesn’t love a musical? Okay, truth be told a lot of people find them downright obnoxious. If you’re one of those people, you have my sympathy, and I suggest you cease reading now, or continue reading with an open mind. Read the rest of this entry

…cast your vote


No, not that kind of vote (except for you, Indiana. Get out and vote, Hoosiers!). The rest of you, I’m talking about the Tony nominations, which were speculated over by Zer yesterday and announced this morning. Read the rest of this entry

…Set the Stage

tony_awardHappy Tony Nominations Eve!

With all the buzz around “Hamilton,” it may seem like this years awards are destined to be predictable, but believe it or not, there are some other worthy contenders this year.

Will they beat “Hamilton”? Well, definitely not for Best New Musical, but they might give it a run for its money in some other categories. Not to mention the fact, there will be some categories where “Hamilton,” can’t and won’t be nominated (shocking, I know). Read the rest of this entry