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…feel the wrath

The end is nigh, walker fans. We’re just hours away from the season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead,” which will undoubtedly bring tears.

And non-walker fans, I know it may be difficult to understand why anyone would watch a show where beloved characters are so frequently and horrifically eliminated… Read the rest of this entry


…Need A Hero

Related imageAs another season of, “The Walking Dead,” comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This little zombie show that could has come a long way in the past eight seasons.

While its fan base remains incredibly supportive and loyal, it’s hard not to admit the show has had its highs and lows over the past eight years. As we approach another finale tomorrow night, it’s in desperate need of a hero. Read the rest of this entry

…Go All Out

It’s finally here, Walking Dead fans! Tonight we’ll see not only the season eight premiere, but also the series’ 100th episode. With the promise of all out war between Negan’s Saviors and Rick’s, well, everyone else, it’s sure to be filled with everything we’ve come to know and love about the series.

On the surface, “The Walking Dead,” appears to be purely a horror series, but you’re selling the show short if that’s all you think it is. It is set in the zombie apocalypse, but at its core “The Walking Dead” is about what makes us human.  Read the rest of this entry

…walk on

This What to Watch Wednesday we’re taking a look at television and the graphic novels that inspired one of the most watched series on cable TV — “The Walking Dead.” Read the rest of this entry

…Go On Record

grammyHappy Grammy Sunday! Or as we’re calling it here, the “The Walking Dead” mid-season premiere with musical interludes.

We’ll be the first to admit we’re not the most informed Grammy viewers. Outside of who’s hosting (James Corden) and an idea of some of the nominees (we’re pretty sure Beyoncé and Adele are up for a few), we don’t know that much going in. But that’s the wonderful thing about the Grammys and music in general. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy and appreciate it. Read the rest of this entry