…pull back the curtain

It’s Tony Nominations day, crusaders, and now that the dust of another year of theater has settled, the chosen few have risen to the top. Yes, the secret is out, the most-nominated show of the season (tied with “Mean Girls” is about an animated sponge. I know there are more than a few people today…


As we head into Tony’s weekend, it’s time to take a serious look at this year’s nominees. So today we’re diving into the details with a Tony Awards #FlashbackFriday, featuring the 2017 nominated revivals. There’s never any shortage of nostalgia on Broadway (the Phantom knows what I’m talking about), and that sentiment soars as beloved […]

…find magic to do

Can you feel it? An extra spark of something in the air. Can you hear it? The faint, distant hum of orchestral accompaniment. Can you see it? The oncoming parade of jazz squares, jazz hands, and maybe a monologue or two. It’s Tonys Week, crusaders! Which if you’re as big of a theater dork as we…

…wait for it

Seeing as this Flick Friday falls just two days before the Tony Awards, it seemed appropriate to take a short break from our usual summer fare, for a different sort of blockbuster.

…cast your vote

No, not that kind of vote (except for you, Indiana. Get out and vote, Hoosiers!). The rest of you, I’m talking about the Tony nominations, which were speculated over by Zer yesterday and announced this morning.