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…Pass Over

As a born and raised Catholic, I was going to dedicate this blog to Good Friday. 

I’ve always found that name ironic. 

I mean it wasn’t exactly a “good” day for any of those involved.  May I suggest calling it Craptastic Friday?

But I digress.

After some thought, I decided that another tradition which often get’s overshadowed by the events of Holy Week deserved some attention.

Yes, every year the classic Cecil B. DeMille film “The Ten Commandments” gets  passed over and ignored due to the focus on Easter.

Maybe it’s the length.  Maybe a modern audience doesn’t find the film relevant.  Maybe it’s because it’s not in 3-D (yet).

Whatever the reason, every year it’s there on a Saturday around the same time as Easter (April 3rd at 7/6 c).

It’s been there every year since 1973 on ABC (the one with “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy”), spreading the semi-accurate tale of the Jewish people’s exodus out of Egypt.

Since it’s release in 1953 the film has grossed nearly $1 billion.

So this year, try something different, and give this legendary, nearly four-hour film (that’s nearly five hours on tv) the respect it deserves.

Oh…and happy fourth day of Passover!


….a brief reenactment of the plagues by Colbert: Passover Commercialism