…talk it out

As hard as it may be to hear (or admit) we’re living in a world where politics is everywhere — our homes, our places of work, our celebrity ballroom dance competitions (that’s on you, ABC), and they are certainly in our late-night comedy shows. (Or as the Emmy voters know them, Outstanding Variety Talk Series.)

…Look Up

Hey there and happy Sunday. I know it’s the end of the weekend and you either have places to be and people to see or you’re busy doing absolutely nothing. So, I promise I’ll keep this short(ish). I’d like to ask you a favor. I promise it’s a simple request — look up.

…Mull It Over

It’s time for your weekly reminder (from me, anyway) that there’s a lot of political craziness going on out there. Last week I wrote about paying attention and educating yourself. So, what I’m about to say might seem a bit contradictory — step away from the Mueller coverage.

…Have a Ripple Effect

It’s time for a pep talk of the political variety. I know, it’s a Tuesday and summer and it’s raining and really hot and…we’re out of excuses. So let’s do this. We’re just barely under a year out from when the DNC will announce the victor of the 2020 Democratic Party presidential clusterf…primaries. Then the…

…keep late hours

The fall season of television officially kicks off today, and it starts with a big change.

…Find Your Moment of Zen

It seems like we’ve been saying good bye to a lot of late night hosts recently, and frankly, I’m tired of it. The rest of you, I don’t care how much you hate your job and dream of retiring to the countryside, please wait a year or two. We’ve had enough “last shows” for the…