…unravel the mystery

Okay, kids, we’re just over a day out from the grand finale of the closest thing we’ll get to a water cooler moment of a show. So let’s all take a collective moment to soak in these final moments before we know how “Game of Thrones” ends (that includes you, people who are four seasons…

…gal around

Happy Galentine’s Day, crusaders! For those new to this glorious celebration of ladies, let me explain. Galentine’s Day is part of the grand tradition of holidays created in sitcoms that have found their way out into the real world, (e.g. Festivus and Chrismakkuh and Treat Yo Self Day).


In this the age of streaming, new TV never really stops. So the “fall season” has been rolling out since before the Emmys, and frankly, keeping up with it is impossible. So, as we stare down several more weeks of “Fall Debuts,” I thought I’d take a moment this What to Watch Wednesday to recap…

…laugh it off

Happy April Fools’ Day! And of course, happy What to Watch Wednesday! Although if you have any friends or family who delight in this day, I suggest you focus on watching your back and nothing else today.

…celebrate good times

I’d like to think there are many advantages to being a reader of 2WC.  You get insights, opinions, and reviews of film, television, theater, and the general happenings of this crazy planet.  

…hear yourself think

Few people are looking for more distraction in their lives.  I doubt any of you have heard someone say, “Gee, I wish I could focus a little bit less.”  While a little distraction may be a good thing from time to time, for the most part we all wish we could find the secret to…