…feel the love

We live in a competitive world, crusaders, but in the best of circumstances (and I hope most), that competition comes with sportsmanship, compassion, and kindness. That enduring empathy was on full display yesterday at the US Open following Naomi Osaka’s defeat of Coco Gauff (the 15-year-old tennis phenom), when Osaka shared her post-game interview with…

…Be Practical

Happy Tuesday! For those of you wondering what happened to Monday, it was canceled.

…Take a Breather

Today we wrapped up a whirlwind of athletics with Wimbledon and the World Cup. Whether your team/player won or lost, it’s time for a breather. While you may not have competed in either event, it can be exhausting being a sports fan. Assuming, of course, that you’re doing it right.

…make a racket

Happy Wimbledon Finals Weekend, tennis fans! And for the Whovians out there, happy weekend that we find out who the next Doctor is once the tennis is over! For the non-Whovians, you’ve had more than 50 years to catch on, but I’ll catch you up. Much like James Bond, the Doctor has had many faces…


Seeing as it’s the first day of a new week and the seventh day of Wimbledon, it seems like the perfect time for some tennis-inspired Monday Motivation. Mondays can be rough. After a weekend of playing hard, it can feel like you’ve forgotten how to work hard. Getting back into the daily grind can feel…

…Hit the Net

 This weekend saw some great tennis at both the men and women’s Wimbledon championships. Unfortunately, it also had its own controversy, courtesy of a questionable article on women’s body image issues in professional sports.