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…Buy In

Happy Apple Event Day! Today the world was introduced to the next round of “must have” Apple products.

In case you were trapped under something heavy or haven’t joined the Apple religion, here’s a brief run through. Today’s Apple Event saw a new Apple Watch, a new Apple TV, an iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus), and, the long rumored iPhone X.  Read the rest of this entry



snapchat_logoIn the technology age we live in, it seems there’s always some new app or gadget to figure out. Once you figure the latest and greatest out, it’s been replaced or updated and you have to learn it all over again.

Which leads me to my point… Read the rest of this entry

…Find the Words

Zipped-Mouth EmojiThis week saw the introduction of yet another iOS from Apple, and with it 184 new emoji. For those not familiar with the term, emoji are essentially the new alphabet of the digital age. Instead of typing out full sentences, you can sum up your message by using icons such as 🙂 👀💀💸. Which obviously means…something?

Anyways, with this new release come exciting new, and long-requested emoji such as the taco, Vulcan Salute, and unfortunately, the middle finger (also known by its more technical name of “Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended”). Which leads me to my point/question.

Why does the world need the middle finger emoji? Read the rest of this entry

…Face Your Fears

pumpkin 2014T minus two weeks until Halloween, which means today is the perfect time to discuss your deepest darkest fears.

It turns out that as Americans, we have quite a few of them (according to the results of a new survey). The survey, conducted by Chapman University, asked questions on fears ranging from death to aliens (the extraterrestrial kind).  Read the rest of this entry

…Take Note

PencilToday’s Apple event came with plenty of expectations, and many of them were met. The iPad Pro was revealed. The Apple Watch and iPhone also got some upgrades. Plus the Apple TV is getting a makeover and a new remote.

However, amidst the expected there was a hidden gem, a gift to the internet and a source for infinite parodies and other humorous commentary. If you haven’t already caught up on today’s big reveal, you’re in for a treat. I give you, the Apple Pencil. Read the rest of this entry