…capture the moment

Today, the world (on Twitter anyway) is celebrating a pastime that for many has become less of a hobby and more of a constant  — World Photography Day. With the power to capture images in the palm of our hands and the threat of selfies around every corner, photography has become a whole other animal….


If you’ve been thinking that not enough of your life’s controlled  by Google, I have some good news. The Web/tech/who knows what else company is introducing a new product that will make your life more accessible…I mean easier. Google introduced their new no cords, easy setup, wireless router today. For those who don’t speak tech, it’s…


Ladies, we’ve done it! Take a second to take in your surroundings. You’ll want to remember exactly where you were when you heard this news—Minecraft characters now include a free lady option!


Yesterday saw a small but significant (at least I think so) victory for equality in a small, but significant corner of the world—emoji.

…laugh it up

We’ve all heard that old sentimental saying:  live, love, but don’t laugh too much, they’re charging you by the chuckle…or something like that…

…be flexible

Poor Apple is having a rough week, what-with the cheers of enthusiastic fans eager for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus transforming into jeers against the products’ shortcomings.