Director Peyton Reed’s, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is as much fun as you would expect with a nice balance of old and new. The film proves once again that bigger is not always better, even in the Marvel Universe. That’s not to say the film is lacking complexity. It most certainly is not.

…prove cape-able

This Friday a new band of heroes (with a few familiar faces) will hit the big screen as “Justice League” debuts. While fans prepare themselves for the return of Wonder Woman (and Batman and Superman…but mostly Wonder Woman) this Amazonian champion is proving both on and off screen that it really is true — not…

…Flip Ahead

Spring may have just sprung, but those who live for the latest blockbuster are already looking forward to this year’s summer lineup. If I’m being totally honest, it feels like the summer blockbuster season is already well underway. Films like “Logan”, “Kong: Skull Island”, “Lego Batman”, and “Beauty and the Beast have already taken over the…

…Power Up

In 2017, there’s a new class of superhero shows coming to the small screen. The first up, “Powerless” made its debut this past week on NBC. This quirky, office comedy–yes, you read that right, it’s a comedy–takes place in the lesser-known DC Comics’ town of Charm City. The show stars Vanessa Hudgens as the not yet…

…juice up

In a world full of superheroes, what difference can one more masked man make? Well, the orange juice industry is hoping, it’s quite a big one.