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…prove cape-able

This Friday a new band of heroes (with a few familiar faces) will hit the big screen as “Justice League” debuts. While fans prepare themselves for the return of Wonder Woman (and Batman and Superman…but mostly Wonder Woman) this Amazonian champion is proving both on and off screen that it really is true — not all heroes wear capes.

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…soar above

Yesterday as the Arizona Cardinals prepared for their overseas matchup against the L.A. Rams in London, there was a rare (for the NFL especially) sighting on the field—Supergirl…sort of.

It turns out that as the result of a bet, one of Arizona’s quarterbacks dressed up as Supergirl for warmups.

I can only assume that the quarterback in question won the bet, otherwise, I’d like someone from the team to explain to me what is humiliating about dressing up as a kickass, self-aware, empowered young woman. Don’t worry, I’ll wait… Read the rest of this entry

…forge ahead

2WC Pop Art

Well folks, here we are at another Sunday, sitting between the week behind us and the week ahead of us… Read the rest of this entry


Scrambled Television ScreenThis What to Watch Wednesday, we find ourselves just days away from another Emmy Awards, crusaders. And if you haven’t kept up with your nominated television viewing, it’s time for some difficult choices… Read the rest of this entry

…Take Off

Superman_Pink_Juniors_Shirt_POPHappy National Superhero Day!

Today’s about celebrating your inner (or outer) nerd, there’s plenty to celebrate.

We live in a golden era of superhero entertainment. From the big screen, to the little screen, and the comics that started it all, there’s almost more superhero goodness than we can handle…just kidding. Like that could ever happen. Read the rest of this entry