…Give a Little

Welcome to daylight saving time. Today we may lose an hour but we gain a wealth of sass and snark from those struggling with the time change. A few will grumble as they reprogram their microwave, oven, and coffee makers. Some will channel their rage at Benjamin Franklin (as they should). Others will pull out…

…Rush In

Welcome to the first Monday of March. To those of you enjoying March’s lion-like charm, stay safe and warm. To those with lamb-like weather, this isn’t about you. On days like this, with spring just barely out of reach, we could all use some extra layers and a little extra motivation.

…Tip Your Hat

Today I’m taking a moment to tip my hat to National Hat Day. While hats deserve our appreciation for more than a day, I will take this opportunity to extol on just a few of their many virtues.

…Return to Basic

Okay, lovers of all things pumpkin spice, it’s go time. Today the beloved PSL makes its triumphant return to Starbucks. Along with that sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin(ish) flavor comes the inevitable protests from the PSL haters.

…Squeeze It All In

There’s a lot going on today. First, it’s the last weekend in August, which is of course the last Sunday of summer (unofficially). It’s also Women’s Equality Day in the US of A, which means we’ve made it another year with the vote, ladies. Plus, it’s National Dog Day. So, you have a perfectly good…


It’s the weekend, which means everything has to get done right now. Right? Yes, there are some who might argue that the weekend is a time to kick back and take it easy, but that never seems to happen. That is especially true at the end of the summer. So, it seems fitting that today…