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…make your excuses


Yes, it’s another blog post on the health benefits of chocolate, because like chocolate itself, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to justifying chocolate consumption. Read the rest of this entry


…lose pinterest

For those who’ve forgotten, tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  Also, shame on you. But not to worry, you still have a few hours to correct the situation.

There are plenty of places you could look for inspiration: Amazon has plenty of deals, macaroni art is always a hit, or you could always head to Pinterest for some last minute pinspiration (it’s just too easy).

But some advice, don’t let mom know.  42 percent of moms (surveyed) reported bouts of Pinterest stress.  I believe the medical term would be pinterstress (really, too easy). Read the rest of this entry

…put mind over matter

I bring good tidings, you can stop worrying about how bad stress is for you.

In fact you probably should stop worrying about how bad stress is for you.  It’s doing you just as much damage as the stress itself. Read the rest of this entry

…Come Full Circle

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of what’s really important. We can sometimes get caught up in finding the perfect gift, and forget that it’s not what you give that’s important, because the world is ending on Friday anyway.

Yes, the long foretold end of the world (or at least the end of the Mayan calendar) is almost here.

As with any apocalyptic prediction, this one has attracted plenty of crazies…I mean true believers.

Of course, who am I to judge, I admit I don’t know what will happen or not happen on Friday. Maybe the world will end. Maybe the Mayans will finally release the new edition of their calendar (it’s been too long). The truth is that none of us really know.

Of course, if you’re feeling a little squeamish, and aren’t quite ready to meet your maker, you can always book a trip to Sirince, Turkey or Bugarach, France. Both cities are supposedly being spared the doomsday Friday due to “positive energy.”

The rest of us will just have to try the less expensive option, a little closer to home and with our own “positive energy.”

More on the Story: Salon

…just for fun:

…kill time

...kill timeI’m going to need you all to focus for just a minute.  Trust me it’s for your own good.

A recent (as though there’s any other kind) study found that a wandering attention span may cause you to age faster.

Personally I don’t know what they’re talking about…seriously…I was checking my Twitter feed.

But really, who has time to concentrate on one thing at a time anymore? The world no longer allows for it. Multitasking is no longer a useful skill it’s a necessary one.  Those who can’t are left behind or filmed wandering into fountains while checking their email on their smartphone.

On the same point, knowing your limits can be just as beneficial I suppose.  Yes, being able to send 3 emails, check your teams’ scores, watch your favorite show, compose your novel, and  chew gum at the same time is impressive, but is it worth it?

Perhaps it’s stress and not the lack of an attention span that’s aging the wandering minds of the world. But who has time to consider that? Either way, it won’t bother any one for too long…Twitter is calling…


NBC News: Your Wandering Mind is Aging You

…bi-daily smile…

Something to focus on for a few minutes…it’s good for you