Hey there! Please pardon this brief interruption to your Sunday. There’s a lot of craziness going on in the world, and it’s easy to feel jaded sometimes. Especially if you forget to look for the light. So, on this sunny, summer Sunday, I’ve got some enlightening stories from this past week and some things to…

…Get Lost Together

“Just promise me, if you get lost, we get lost together.“ Syd Barrett, “Legion” Well nerds, it’s the beginning of the end for another series. This week saw the premiere of the third and final season of FX’s “Legion.” 2019’s latest victim is a relative newcomer with only two half seasons (and one to go),…

…Come to a Conclusion

It’s here! The perfect date is here! This year, this not too hot, not too cold day happens to coincide with the beginning of the end…or ends(?). So, grab that light jacket and follow me down a slightly less rosy path.

…fan out

As we all sit on the cusp of the final season of “Game of Thrones” and soak in the new Star Wars trailer (and I sit in the middle of a Star Wars Celebration weekend here in Chicago) fandoms are very much on my mind. Although to be fair, fandoms are almost always on my…

…Play Nice

  Kids, it’s time for another conversation about how we treat others. This week Rotten Tomatoes took away users’ ability to comment on or review films prior to their release. Why? Well, it seems some of us have forgotten the golden rule…again. If you don’t know what the golden rule is please keep reading.

…drink it in

Happy Tuesday, crusaders. The second day of what will be most everyone’s first full week back after the holidays. Right about now I’m sure the reality that you still have three more days left in this week (and probably most of still today too).