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Happy First Day of Spring, crusaders!

Yes, it really, truly is, and someone should really tell the weather. Read the rest of this entry


…Let the Sunshine In

Welcome to the beginning of daylight saving time! Yes, it’s time to spring forward into that evening sunshine and the beginning of longer days.

Now, before you grumble about losing an hour of sleep, or about this being an antiquated system, please ask yourself one question — Did I complain about it getting dark too early this winter? Read the rest of this entry


Happy first day of spring! Today marks the vernal equinox here in the northern hemisphere. More importantly, for those of us still recovering from last week’s snow, it suggests that winter might be ending sometime soon. Read the rest of this entry

…Rise and Shine

HappyMother's DayHappy Easter!

While everyone may not celebrate this holiday, I think we can all agree on its message of hope. Which is something we all could use a little bit more of.

It’s been a rough week, and hope may seem like its in short supply, but its days like today that prove otherwise. Read the rest of this entry

…warm to the idea

FirstHappy First Day of Spring! I know, as many of us are looking at more than a few snowflakes in our ten-day forecasts, it’s hard to believe, but technically, it’s spring. Read the rest of this entry