…Beat the Buzzer

We’ve made it through another March Madness (and then some). Some have emerged victorious, while others crashed and burned (guilty). No matter the state of your bracket, tonight will crown a new national champion. The two teams vying for glory, Villanova and UNC, are both a far cry from a Cinderella story. Ranked second and first…

…Ad It Up

Happy Super Bowl Eve! While Carolina and Denver fans are revving up for the actual game, most of us are really just in this for the commercials and the halftime show. Especially, those of us who are still a little angry with the NFL for allowing our team to be taken from us…but that’s another…

…run with it

Did you hear that? That distant shattering noise? That was the glass first down being obliterated as the NFL hired its first female coach. The Arizona Cardinals have hired Jen Welter to the team’s coaching staff, making her the first female coach hired by and NFL team.

…Step Up to the Plate

I’d like to preface today’s post with a disclaimer: I am a fan of a national league team. So, the opinions which follow are somewhat skewed by that fact. You’ve officially been informed. MLB fans are well aware that the All-Star Game took place last night. They are also aware (some painfully so) that for…

…Blow the Whistle

My fellow Americans, it’s officially last call for joining the FIFA Women’s World Cup bandwagon. Tonight we’ll see the U.S. women’s national team take on Japan in the championship match.