…cheer, cheer

Happy Saturday (which is the day that today is), crusaders. This New Year’s weekend not only finds us smack dab in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s Day, but on the verge of some decisive games for this year’s NCAA Championship football. I would of course never dream of telling anyone who to root…

…Take a Breather

Today we wrapped up a whirlwind of athletics with Wimbledon and the World Cup. Whether your team/player won or lost, it’s time for a breather. While you may not have competed in either event, it can be exhausting being a sports fan. Assuming, of course, that you’re doing it right.

…soar above

Yesterday as the Arizona Cardinals prepared for their overseas matchup against the L.A. Rams in London, there was a rare (for the NFL especially) sighting on the field—Supergirl…sort of. It turns out that as the result of a bet, one of Arizona’s quarterbacks dressed up as Supergirl for warmups. I can only assume that the…

…Bounce Back

Happy Monday! Thankfully for those recovering from the weekend, today isn’t your average Monday. Today (or tonight, rather) will see the crowning of this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament champion. For those who haven’t been paying attention or don’t do sports, tonight’s teams vying for the championship are Gonzaga and UNC. While on the surface,…

…Ad Value

Happy Super Bowl Eve! Tomorrow we observe that American past time of watching individuals of great athletic ability compete while we consume our bodyweight in dips, wings, and beer. Of course, we all know that tomorrow isn’t really about the food or the football. It’s about the commercials.

…Take a Breather

Happy Sunday and halfway point for the Rio Olympics! At this point, you’ve either got the Olympics fever really bad (guilty), or you’ve been stuck in a black hole all week. The good news for those who can’t get enough, and those who haven’t joined in on the fun, is there’s still a week left.