…wrack and ruin

Crusaders, it’s occurred to me that as we enter the summer blockbuster season, now is the perfect time to refresh our memories on proper summer movie (and all movies for that matter) etiquette. This first venture into the new cinematic season has brought to light a particular film fan faux pas…


Happy Saturday to all! To my fellow Gilmore Girls and Guys, happy day two of your “Gilmore girls” weekend. After nearly a decade we finally know the final four words the show’s creators wanted to conclude the series with…except for a lot of us don’t.

…ad up

It’s become an inevitable and unfortunate fact of the modern age, that with every series finale comes a parade of thoughtless spoilers.

…cut off

Dear Twitter-verse, As we all embark on another holiday movie season, I think we need to have a talk about what constitutes a spoiler. 

…break bad

Today as you return to the daily grind and gather around the water cooler you may find that whether you’re aware of it or not, today you fall in to one of several categories: