…weave a web

Today, before I jump into the business of the day — my thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home” — I’d like to first talk about how much I love the new Spider-Man. I know people were salty about the quick turnover rate from Maguire to Garfield to Holland (not to mention (Moore, Johnson, Pine, Mulaney,…

…ruin everything

“A little learning is a dangerous thing…” Alexander Pope This What to Watch Wednesday, prepare to have your mind blown…with knowledge. Pope may have had a point, there are few things more potentially dangerous than someone who knows part of a truth and runs with it. With that in mind, some might see “Adam Ruins…


This Monday, I’m taking a break from the usual motivation to show some appreciation. Today, the world lost a true marvel–Stan Lee.

…Swing In

 Happy Flick Friday! This Friday, fans of the Marvel universe are all abuzz about yesterday’s big reveal. Before I continue, if you don’t like spoilers of any kind, now would be the time to stop reading, because this trailer has a big one. So, here it is, your official SPOILER ALERT!!!

…scratch that

In another apparent victory for the community of female comic fans, Sony teased that it’s working on a female-led Spider-Man spin-off (that’s a whole lot of hyphens).

…pick and choose

Life is full of choices.  Some menial and unimportant—right or left sock first?  Some a little more thought-provoking—white or wheat?  And others are just completely perplexing—Abraham Lincoln or Peter Parker? This week, 2WC found ourselves debating which summer blockbuster would be featured this coming Friday.  So naturally, we tackled it 2WC style. Shockingly, Flick Friday isn’t all popcorn and blockbusters.  The Summer of Blockbusters does…