…let the sunshine in

This summer, moon fans (you know who you are you lunar nuts) got quite a few good shows, what with all of the super moons and blood moons and lunar eclipses. But I ask you, why should the moon have all of the fun?

…Take Off

The world may be falling apart, but the good news is NASA is relaunching their astronaut space program…sort of. Patriotic astronuts of the USA received some long-awaited good news.  Today, NASA announced that it has awarded contracts to Boeing and SpaceX to fly astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  

…play among the stars

Every day the Internet hits new highs (and lows if we’re being honest), but none can quite compete with NASA’s latest Internet achievement. They’ve managed to achieve high-speed Internet access on the moon. With a little help from some pretty awesome lasers (but really, aren’t all lasers awesome?) NASA has achieved upload speeds of 19.44…


It’s the calm before the storm for baseball fans. So, in an attempt to keep mine and my fellow Cardinal fans’ minds off of the impending stress-ball hurtling closer and closer with every passing moment, I thought I’d focus on a cataclysmic event of a different nature — asteroids.

…Get Far Out

Good news, nerds, geeks, space enthusiasts and anyone unhappy with the results of yesterday’s Iowa Caucus; 2012 marks the beginning of commercial space flights (sort of). In the past, spaceflight has been for the ridiculously wealthy, who could book private flights to the International Space Station. But no more, now for the low price of $95,000-200,000,…


The end of days.  It’s a confusing and terrifying thought, and it seems everyone has something to say about it–evangelicals, ancient civilizations, R.E.M. Because, who doesn’t like inciting panic with calculations and doomsday prophesies? Now NASA is using their free time to throw their hat, or perhaps a space helmet left over from the space…