…Snow Stuff

Is there anything better than a weekend snow day? Other than a weekday snow day (which seem to be few and far between), the correct answer is no.

…bundle up

As much of the country is being (or soon to be) buried in snow (shout out to the St. Louis Snowmageddon), I’m officially dubbing it a snow day — i.e. the perfect day to hunker down inside while the white flakes do their thing. Of course, there’s a case to be made for venturing out into…

…Snow For It

Today’s a snow day for some of us…or at least a snowy day.  Either way, I thought I’d share my snowy, Monday vibes. Come mid-winter, snow is surprisingly divisive. Right now though, when it’s all fresh and new, I like to think we’re all snow fans.

…Let It Snow

Happy Sunday Funday! It’s unofficially winter here at the 2WC, and we’re having a Sunday Funday snow day…which is just like a regular Sunday Funday, but with fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and cookies (fyi – it’s also National Cookie Day). Before we dive head first into mindless, warm and cozy entertainment, I’d like to officially…