…feel the love

This Sunday Funday, Pride is the word as people around the world take to the streets to celebrate. It’s a celebration of being your true self, freedom, acceptance, and love. Whether you’re partying and parading today or not, I hope we can all appreciate the importance of all of those things, and the right everyone…

…feel crumby

Amongst other things, social media has brought with it a seemingly endless parade of “random” holidays celebrating just about everything under the sun. It begs the question, “If we’re celebrating everything, are we really celebrating anything?” Still, some of these days still require our respect, so today I have to insist that we pause for…

…Tune Out

Remember when the summer use to be a slow time for news and politics. Congress would go on vacation, and the news cycle would cover…I’m not going to lie, I’m having some trouble remembering what life was like before about six months ago. Between the Twitter decrees and the inappropriate Jamboree campaign speeches, it’s all…

…warm your heart

It’s time we all admit that we might be in the middle of another polar vortex. I know it’s not an easy thing. Denial can be a strong ally, but when you’ve arrived at a place where 20 degrees is a warm day, it’s time to admit the truth. 

…take your time

We’re now three days into this glorious new year. So, I assume at this point you’ve at least thought about starting to get started on your resolutions for 2015.