…spice it up

We’ve just about reached mid-September now, so naturally that means the pushing of the fall merchandise started weeks ago. Good luck going to Target without leaving with half a dozen Halloween decorations you had no intention of purchasing when you entered the store in search of a toothbrush…good luck.


For most of the country it’s a cold one out there today, and by cold I mean the freezing point will be a fond sunny memory. Seriously, the high in Chicago today is -12, I didn’t think that was allowed.

…fall behind

Sometimes life can get busy, the simpler pleasures slip by us barely noticed.  This weekend 2WC let that happen to the first day of fall. I, on behalf of 2WC, would like to apologize for this schedule mishap.


The end of the summer can be a bittersweet time for many, but after an end of the season heat spell, 2WC is counting down the days. For many fall began after Labor Day, but according to the calendar we still have a few days left of summer. For those clinging to the final days,…

…Warm Up To It

It’s hard to believe, but 7 weeks (8 movies) into the summer blockbuster series, the season has finally caught up. It’s finally warming up and summer’s officially here! That means just over 90 days until fall. Yes, we realize that’s a bit of a downer statement. Summer just arrived, should we really be counting down…


Good morning! And an early morning it is, or it should feel like one, assuming you remembered to switch your clocks…we’ll allow for your moment of panic. Now, onto the business at hand, this is the second Sunday of our countdown to spring. Last week we helped you prepare for the impending thaw.