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…chill out

Crusaders, I have a bone to pick with the weather.

After a week of frigid temperatures, a lot of the country is staring down three days of 50-degree days, and I for one do not trust it. Not just because I’ve just fully regained sensation in my face…

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…Wise Up

We’re halfway through the week, and it seems like as good a time as any to drop some knowledge. Or if you prefer the hashtag version, it’s time to share some #WednesdayWisdom.

“Fake” has been thrown around a lot recently, so to counterbalance that lack of authenticity, here are some genuine facts to help you feel more connected to reality and hopefully more informed. Read the rest of this entry

…be blinded by science

bg1This Earth Day, across the country and around the world, we march for science.

We march for those who live by its laws, those who fear it, those who distrust it, and even those aim to discredit it.

We march because ignoring scientific facts for the sake of short-term gains, does not make those facts go away, but it does set us on a track for some long-term, devastating consequences. Read the rest of this entry

…Stay Curious

Children of the 90’s (and others with an undying thirst for knowledge), I have some great news…NETFLIX science bill nye april fools bill nye the science guy GIFYes, everyone’s favorite “Science Guy” is back, on Netflix, this Friday. His new show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” promises all the science, quirkiness, and curiosity of the original series. It also could not have come at a better time. Read the rest of this entry

…Keep It Clean

Today was not a great day for anyone who’s a fan of Earth. Which frankly, we should all be fans since it’s currently our only option planet-wise.

Today we took a step backwards when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. I won’t name names as to who decided they knew better than nearly every single scientist studying climate change…but I will provide a link below. Read the rest of this entry