…Know It’s All Worthwhile

As Area 51 is “raided” and the Emmys approach, I thought I’d take a moment for a genre that’s a little more “out there.” Sci-fi is a genre that often gets overlooked by the Emmy nominating committee. Outside of the “creative” categories, they don’t get much recognition. They’re more than special effects and makeup. They’re…


This What to Watch Wednesday, I’d like to take a moment for the anthology, which is having a moment of its own right now. Now the modern anthology has taken a variety of forms. Some would, for instance, make a case for everything Ryan Murphy is working on right now, “American Horror Story” and “American Crime…


It’s the day after the NCAA Championship game, so naturally, I’m covering the story that everyone (who wanted UNC to win) is talking about…”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is now available to own!


So far on this year’s road to the Oscars we’ve seen an immigrant’s tale in “Brooklyn,” and the “The Big Short” on Wall Street. Today, we’re going a bit further with a little science fiction and a whole lot of inspiration from “The Martian.”

…stay grounded

The world of science-fiction has given humanity many wonderful things to dream of and perhaps aspire to—time travel, teleportation, shoe phones…

…go with the flow

Summer is officially upon us, and in days gone by, that meant one thing—reruns—but no more. There’s simply too much television, and ways to watch it, to ever be stuck watching reruns (unless it’s “Modern Family” or “Big Bang Theory” because those shows get better every time).