Happy Saturday, fellow crusaders! Weekends are a good time to catch up and take stock. A lot happened this week, so I figured I’d offer up some events that won’t send you into a pit of despair. Specifically, some stories about things that were created.

…Watch What You Say

Paranoid conspiracy-theorists of the world, your day has come. It turns out, you were right…sort of. The man is always watching, or at least listening. 


This past week, the Boston Red Sox were invited to the White House to celebrate their World Series Championship. A seemingly harmless event (unless you’re a recovering Cardinals fan…I’m fine, really), on the surface, until the, now infamous, “Big Papi” and Obama selfie happened.


This past weekend, you may have briefly heard or read about Apple’s victory over Samsung. Perhaps you just read the headline or maybe this is the first you’re hearing about it. What you definitely didn’t hear about was the outcry from millions of non-iPhone and iProduct users. For those of you who are still in…