…Make the Moves Up as I Go

Sundays are perfect for many things. They’re great for getting an early start on the week ahead. They’re also awesome for sleeping in if that’s more your speed. They’re also okay for meeting up with a few thousand of your new, best friends and running through the streets while being cheered on. You know, like…

…Get Going

Happy Marathon Monday! Congrats to all those running in the Boston Marathon today. You’re an inspiration. To the rest of you, it’s time for some Monday motivation.

…hit the ground running

This Monday requires a little bit of an extra boost in addition to the usual level of motivation. Why? Today, 2WC and Co. (you know who you are) embark on another round of training with 13.1 miles at the end. And with the summer season upon us, even if you’re not working your way towards…

…Get Going

Happy Global Running Day! Yes, that’s right, summer is almost officially here, which means it’s officially outdoor running season!

…Stay Strong

Happy Marathon Monday! Today marks the 12oth running of the Boston Marathon. It’s a day that has long had a special place in Boston and the running community, but in the last three years has grown to symbolize so much more.

…lace up

Good morning, crusaders! It’s race day and I’m sorry, but I’ll have to keep this short.