After a weekend filled with royal weddings and hasty horses in a haze (and your actual life), it’s time for a Sunday Funday. Before you protest with your mile-long to-do list, allow me a quick moment to rationalize/justify a few minutes of Sunday rest and relaxation.

…hold on to your hat

With another Royal Wedding behind us, I’m sure we’re all coming down off of the high of that parade of hats and titles you didn’t know existed. Not to mention the 6 AM wake up call for anyone who wanted to watch it live. And if you tuned in specifically for the hat fashion (and…

…Come Together

On the eve of the Royal Wedding, the world is divided into (more or less) two camps — those anxiously awaiting the forthcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, and those who could care less. As you might have guessed, I fit into the former group, and I’d like to plead my case….

…Take the Plunge

Well it’s finally here, the big day.  Today two more people become citizens of the state of wedded bliss. We finally get to see the dress, flowers and all the other general splendor. Okay, let’s face it, odds are you’re reading this long after your 3 a.m. royal wedding extravaganza. The aisle has been marched…

…get a hobby

Every little girl dreams of marrying a prince, or so Disney would have us believe. With a royal wedding on the horizon, it seems some not-so-little girls are striving to live the dream of their childhood. I’m slightly ashamed to admit I was  a little behind on my Newsweek reading, and shocked at what I…