…go it alone

Movie fans and hosting enthusiasts were dealt quite a blow this week as the Academy has (basically) confirmed there will be no host for the Oscars this year. Because we don’t get nice things anymore. Yes, even in a world full of perennial award show hosts (Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, James Corden, Stephen Colbert…I’m…

…treat yo’ self

Pawnee, Indiana, to know it is to love it, and over the past seven seasons of “Parks and Recreation” we’ve all come to know and love this town and its inhabitants. Tonight, we bid a fond farewell to a town (and a show) that’s taught us the importance of hard work, enthusiasm, and breakfast food.

…bide time

To those who know it, Pawnee, (the Akron of Southwest Indiana) is a town of optimism, friendship, and the first case of mega-diabetes. To those who don’t, you are missing out…and we’re all paying the price. Pawnee, home of the fabulous show, “Parks and Recreation,” and some fabulous characters,  is in peril. This week NBC…

…mean what you say

There’s been a bit of an uproar lately as grammar enthusiasts have discovered Google’s alteration of their definition of “literally.” And if you didn’t already know that was the topic of this post, you either completely skipped over the image at the top (go back), or the fact probably won’t bother you all that much.