…Be Present

Welcome, my friends, to a Saturday rhyme, I thank you sincerely for taking the time. My next request might seem a bit silly– Please put down your phone. I mean it, really.

…Spread Holiday Cheer

‘Tis the day before Christmas and all ‘cross the land Santa’s helpers have last-minute lists right at hand. Some shop with a smile, others look a bit grim, a reflection of the holiday mood they are in. With the big day tomorrow we all feel the grind, so here’s your reminder to always be kind.

…Find the Words

Today is National Poetry Day, And I have something I’d like to say. Poems, they come in all shapes and sizes, An obvious statement, I realize this.

…think the thinks you can think

This what to watch Wednesday I have a surprise, not something you watch, but read with your eyes. Yes, it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday, a day for good times, good books, good words, and of course, good rhymes.

…rhyme and reason

That rhyming helps memory should shock none. It’s something we learned when very young.