Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I’d like to say thank you. Specifically to the TSA workers who got me through security in record time this morning. In case you’ve forgotten our government has been in a partial shutdown for over three weeks. That partial shutdown means that many government employees are…

…Make Waves

Today, the 116th U.S. Congress is sworn in. For many, hopes are high and so are expectations. It’s easy to see why. This is the most diverse Congress in U.S. history. That’s diversity across the board — race, religion, and most notably gender.

…Get Your Head In The Game

Tonight, the World Series kicks off. The Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Boston Red Sox in what will hopefully be an exciting series.  Both teams will fight hard, their fans will cheer them on, and in the end, only one will win. Elsewhere a different kind of battle (with higher stakes) is raging on…

…Strike a Chord

With less than a month until mid-term elections, we’re in peak political season. Tensions are high and opinions are everywhere. Yesterday, one of those opinions showed up in an unexpected place — Taylor Swift’s Instagram account.

…fare well

Whatever political beliefs you subscribe to, I think we can all agree that the tone lately has been an endless parade of “historic” and “unprecedented” (and “unpresidented”) moments. Some have been truly worthy of the description, others have been called that with such insistence that we’ve learned to pick our battles. Tonight, I’m going to…


It’s What to Watch Wednesday, and while I’m going to have to insist that you continue to pay attention to the Republican National Convention (just one more day…after today), I understand the need for some diversion.