…Think About Today

Happy Easter, fellow crusaders! Happy Sunday to those who don’t celebrate, and feel free to borrow our holiday. We could all use an excuse to celebrate. Excuse this brief interruption to your holiday happenings, I promise this will only take a moment. Easter is about many things to many different people, but at its heart,…


Apologies for the misleading title, but this post will not be a review of Johnny Depp’s latest box office flop. After last summer’s upsetting “Lone Ranger”, the previous summer’s “Dark Shadows”, and the summer before that’s Pirates 4, I’ve begun to lose faith in Mr. Depp’s script-picking abilities. So in order to fill the gap…


We’re over one week into Lent, and if surveys are to be believed, odds are several of you are breaking your resolution right now.

…choose your battles

Sometimes in life we all find ourselves too close to a problem to even notice it. Luckily the universe usually finds a way to bring these offenses to our attention.


The “Man of Steel” marketing team has taken the high road with one of its promotional campaigns. In fact you might say they’ve taken “The” high road. Warner Bros Studios is taking aim at potential fans of a Christian persuasion, with its special pamphlet entitled “Jesus – the Original Superhero.”

…Drop the Other Shoe

Tomorrow we’ll witness history as Pope Benedict XVI becomes the first pope in hundreds of years to retire…before death. And while 2WC is a little upset that his holiness made his big announcement right in the middle of our Oscar countdown (oh the blog posts that will never be), we’re also the forgiving sort (it…