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As my fellow Crusader pointed out yesterday (…page through), it’s National Library Week. As a library enthusiast (and regular user), I thought I’d keep the love fest going by sharing some of my favorite secrets of the library. While books and libraries may seem obsolete in the age of the Internet, e-readers, and tablets that can contain…

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Greetings, crusaders, and welcome to the most well-read week of the year: National Library Week! You know, the library…basically the internet without anonymous, troll comments. That’s right, if someone wants to criticize you at the library, they’ll have to say it to your face…in hushed tones.

…Start a New Chapter

Happy post-Olympics’ Monday! While Mondays may be the worst, and a Monday with no Olympics…well that’s unthinkable. Lucky for you, we’re offering a bit of a distraction this week with some late summer reading suggestions. Up first, I’m going with a classic inspired by our summer of blockbusters — “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice…

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Happy World Book Day! Today is all about celebrating books,  authors, and reading! In a world that’s overrun by technology, and an overwhelming sense of immediacy, World Book Day is more important than ever.

…Turn Over A New Leaf

 Tolkien fans, rejoice! Against all odds, we’re getting another book from the beloved author of “The Hobbit,” and “The Lord of the Rings.”